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Need For Outsourcing.. ?

Why Try to do everything yourself whilst you can get a trained team to work for you to do all the kinds of time consuming tasks and on top of it you cannot master all skills, why not hire a skilled professionals with years of experience”

Outsource your Way to Online Success

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

How can you grow your business by spending more time on it without YOU spending THIS time ?

The solution is simple It's Outsourcing. More and more companies in the west are now turning to outsourcing. Smart internet marketers have already been outsourcing their business and thats why they have been able to consistently grow their business.

 What can you outsource?

Or the real question should be " What Can't you outsource ?

In the internet marketing arena , you can outsource 95% of your business whilst you concentrate on the most important aspect. There are some aspects that is too confidential and where you are needed to take all the executive decisions.

Why Theoutsourcebot 

Skilled team – Our speciality is internet marketing. Through TheOutsourceBot.com, you are not working with one individual but rather a highly motivated team. We are specialized in internet marketing, Data Entry, Data Manipulation, Data Processing And So Much More.  So your task is not new to us. Our team has passed the learning curve. You are guaranteed, there will always be someone available that has the necessary skills and expertise to complete the task.

Fast turnaround – Large projects can be broken down and allocated to a team. This turns large projects into smaller tasks and, therefore completed faster and more efficiently than if one individual was to work on the whole project. Remember, many hands make light work!

Low cost – People often think that low cost means low quality service. Not with TheOutsourceBot.com.  We Have Been Providing Cheap And Highest Quality Services Over Last 3 Years. 

Just see our testimonials and judge for yourself.

Deal with one person You would be in contact with one person in charge of managing the team working on your project. So, you don’t have to worry about who is doing what. Just sit back and wait for the final result.

Reliable - We have a track record of over 1000+ projects and 500+ clients. 

Area's Of Expertise

 Data Research And Analyzation 

Link Building 

Directory Submission 


Data Entry

Data Management

Data Extraction

Product Uploads ( Eshop Upload )

Email Query Solving 

Myspace / Hi5 / Friendster/ Facebook / Orkut  Marketing

Small Scale Bot Development 

Email Marketing 


 Account Creation

 Article Writting 

Search Engine Optimization


What we are doing right now 

  • Search Engine Optimization



Pick of the week 

Classified Marketing

Get your site instant exposure with local classifieds. We will post your site to over top 20 classifieds each day in your city to give you instant local presence and exposure.

Site we post on : -
  • craigslist.org
  • myspace.com
  • backpage.com
  • freeusads.com
  • gumtree.com

    And more
Past results have shown over 2000-4000 ad views in just 10 days time

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What Our Clients Say . . .

"We really needed more manpower for some data entry for our clients. We've tried other outsourcing services before, but TheOutsourcebot provided the completed the projects so quickly, we decided to switch to them for all our data entry. I don't know how we'd have had our success without them."

Jonathan Baldwin, Texas
Baldwin & Associates

" I am a free lance Web architect involved in Search Engine Optimization and other viral marketing strategies. I came across Theoutsourcebot after a friend recommended them and I am glad to have been working with them for the past 6 months. Their service is prompt and dependable. Anyone looking for a good outsourcing solution to expand their business should get involved with Innovative Technologies."

Ashwin , Philippines

 "I am a PhD student and as part of my research I had lots of data manipulation/data clean up to do for my data analysis. I am usually weary of all those "cheap" outsource services but to my surprise TheOutsourceBot staff dealt with me with much professionalism and I had my work done faster than I had expected!. I would highly recommend them for any of those tedious jobs that you'd hate to do. Great value for money!"

Z. Kern, Australia

We are in food business and its expansion, we were hit hard by the paper work and manual data entry. We were first apprehensive of outsourcing the back office operations but then we tried that with TheOutsouceBot for a couple of months. We were very encouraged by their committment and decided to go into a long term relationship with him. I would be happy to discuss my experiences and can be contacted on mikegauba@gmail.com.

Mike Gauba, Australia


 We Offer A Competitive Price of $2.5/Hour. If you would like to discuss your project, feel free to request a quote.

You can always chat with one of our live representative on 

                                        Yahoo : innovative_tech_asr
                                        Msn : gabs_vibhu@hotmail.com
                                        Gtalk : gaubavibhu1981@gmail.com
                                        Skype : gaubavibhu

Outsource Your Way To Online Success !

Outsource Bot Team

The Specialist Internet Marketing and SEO

P.S. Imagine what a difference would outsourcebot can do to your business.You will be free from all those repetitive task that you hate to do. You Will have more free time to gear your business to success.

P.P.S. Don't Hold your Business Back ! You will be surprised about how many tasks you could outsource. Let us help you grow your business to the next level.

Use TheOutsourceBot to get the edge on your competitors