Basis Of Online SEO Company

Did you know that over 27 million people use Yahoo News and Google News each month?? Whether it’s a newspaper article, a journal study, a magazine feature or a press release, people are scanning over articles by the million. An Online SEO Company like The Outsourcebot is well aware of this fact and takes the stance: So why these people shouldn’t be reading about your products and services?

The press scours the Internet for article research, product searches, to find new sources and to find press releases. According to the American Life Project survey, 68 million American adults go online daily, with 30% using a search engine for information and 27% searching for news stories. An Online SEO Company can be a great link to get your name in front of these audiences — whether it’s a potential buyer or some free publicity.

With increasing awareness among website owners to increase their online visibility, they are looking for “webmaster’s guide to internet riches”. What they are looking forward to, is some good sound advice on this diverse subject. They can certainly be categorized as NOT rich but they have some $$ which they plan to invest on their worthy business.

An Online SEO Company will begin by conducting keyword searches to see what your target audiences may be looking for specifically. Your press releases will be scanned and optimized or written by a professional copywriter, if you choose. These articles will then be built up with links that will send readers directly to your website.

There are many avenues for getting the word out: media-direct emails or newswires, major web portals like AltaVista, network news feeds, RSS feeds, sites like Digg and blogging avenues, to name a few. Lastly, an Online SEO Company will track your release and provide you with data to measure the successfulness of that particular article.

Exposure is obviously the top reason to hire an Online SEO Company to spread the word for you. Most of us are too busy and lack the necessary experience to keep up with the ever-changing world of Internet marketing. To stay in the game, you need all the publicity you can get.