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Choosing Keywords - Do's And Don'ts

When someone is searching for information on the web, they will usually visit a search engine and type in some words describing what they are looking for. The search engine then checks its database and returns the results listing pages that meet the words submitted. These words used by people searching can be called keywords or search terms.

Major part of successful search engine optimisation of web pages is working out what keywords your prospective visitors might type in to a search engine to find your site. Some are more competitive than others but choosing the right keywords is the way to sucsess.

How to determine what keywords to use

So, how do you determine what keywords are relevant for your site? You need to put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes to determine what words they would submit to the search engine when they are looking for you. Also, review your web site pages and pick out key phrases and words that describe your business, product or service.

Are people searching for your keywords?

There are many ways to find out how many searches does a keyword gets in a month and even in which part of the world. But the question is how good are these results shown ?

Lets go through the case study below.

Go to google adword keyword suggestion tool box.

I types in the word "chinese" in the keyword suggestion box


The above image shows the word alone chinese is typed in 20,400,000 ie 20 million times in a month. Do you think people are typing in the word chinese 20 million times a month. The answer is NO ! Then why is google showing this ?

Here is the answer to this :-
Google uses the search query symbol + in between all words we use in the search box. Let us search "Cheap Chinese Mobiles" in google and see the search string in the address bar.


This is the search URL we get for the above mentioned keyword. What this means is google added one search volume to keyword Chinese, one search volume to keyword Mobiles, one search volume to keyword Cheap, one search volume to keyword Chinese Mobiles, one search volume to keyword Cheap Mobiles and so on.

Its like all permutation and combination of words we can make using those 3 words. And the word chinese when bidded for will be the most expensive keyword. So dont do go on what google shows in the adword search volume that is just to help you have an idea what seach volumes you should expect.

I always say google.com is not what Google Inc. says, it is just what you or me are. We are the people who make google by typing in all different search terms using our human state technology. Always see what would you type in the search box to get a site like yours. You will have the best keywords this way, because people around the world are same as we are.

It is always preferred to go for 2-3 word keyphrases rather than one. Now a days 3 word keyphrases are the best keyprases we have got results from. Just for example if you needed to find an seo company i will type in

Cheap SEO Company
Seo Company Newyork
Seo Company India
Online Seo Company
Online seo services

I hope i was able to clarify few of biggest underlying fact of Google SEO Marketing.


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